A gripping novel by Debra M. Cooper

On a sunny August morning, an airplane leaves San Diego bound for New York City with hundreds of people on board. Within minutes, American Air 1012 crashes into a mountain in what is later described as one of the worst airline disasters in the history of aviation.

The stories of a priest, a neurosurgeon, a supermodel and a father...all passengers aboard the aircraft...are intertwined in myriad ways. What happened in the lives of these diverse people prior to the crash and whether any of them survive will keep you wanting more.


Many are the paths that wind through our lives...and our deaths. In this gripping novel the author involves us in the journeys of a number of people just like us. We become witnesses to their motivations, their trials, their loves...and we wonder-what will their fates be when their paths COLLIDE?

Lee B. Croft, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University and Author

This beautiful story portrays the deep human emotions at work when unexpected challenges, even tragedy, strike. By weaving together the compelling lives of her characters, Debra Cooper offers revelations on grace, redemption, fate and free will. A touching story that is both emotional and inspiring; a reminder that our time is short, so use it well.

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008
Television Political Commentator, National Speaker & Writer


Author Debra M. Cooper with her loyal guide dog Portia

"I am extremely committed to positivity and to the concept that things always turn out for the best. I am not obnoxious about it, like some saccharin Mary Sunshine whom you want to shoot on sight; it is merely a personal belief system."

- Debra

Debra M. Cooper has worked as a professional writer and speaker for more than thirty years. As of 2017, she has authored two fiction novels, Collision and Behind the Broken Image. Currently, she is a full-time writer for Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center in Chicago, IL.

Due to a tragic accident, Debra has been totally blind since the age of 14, but that hasn't stopped her. An avid athlete, she represented the United States in the 1980 Olympics for the Disabled in Norway. Debra lives in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband, Joe, three cats and guide dog, Portia; she is the mother of one son, Zack. She is passionate about yoga, volunteer work, felines, good people, professional football, excellent writing, and particularly, God. Her inspirational life story was recently featured in Living Brave - Women, Stories and Pathways to Thriving by Hilda Villaverde & Mary Beth Stern.

Debra acquired her degree in secondary education from Arizona State University. She taught high school for three years in Phoenix, AZ. Subsequently, she worked at The Arizona Republic as an advertising copywriter for eight years. After spending time as a freelance writer, she worked as the promotion coordinator at Mountain Living magazine in Flagstaff, AZ and then the senior writer and editor at The Summit Christian newspaper.

In 2002 she became the staff writer at Remuda Ranch, an inpatient treatment center for eating disorders in AZ. During that time, Debra authored the novel Behind the Broken Image. After nine years at Remuda, she was hired by Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center in IL as the communications specialist and has been there for six years.


A truly vibrant public speaker, Debra relishes the opportunity to share her unique insight and passion for life. She especially loves to speak at Treatment Centers - Churches - Retreats & Conferences. To inquire about booking a speaking engagement, email Debra.


"The most powerful ingredient that connects an audience to a speaker is their story. Debra Cooper has a remarkable story of devastation, fortitude and rising strong. Her ability to speak with authenticity about her life-changing experiences, common sense approach to recovering her sense of herself, and a refreshing honesty about her extremely productive life invites her audience to want to know her totally. Debra is a speaker with heart and soul and the additional benefit of an animated sense of humor. In a word; Inspiring!"

- Hilda Villaverde, Author

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